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Flap Wheel

Finishing system for metal, plastic and wood

SlipCon brush system is designed for light de-burring of stamped and routed parts. The system is used for contoured or flat parts made of aluminum, stainless steel , plastic and wood.

The system has a long lifetime compared to other systems, where you don’t have the brush backing behind the abrasives.

The system will allow slower spindle speed and to be more aggressive, therefore longer abrasive life. SlipCon’s brushes are made to fit all machines with a shaft.

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Flap Wheel system


Apex Machine Group, J.Co international & SlipCon USA Inc no longer have access to SlipCon Production ApS products. If you need products & support from SlipCon, please feel free to contact us at +45 8698 0633 or email: & we will point you in the right direction for products, service & support.

SlipCon Finishing Systems

  • Reduces coating consumption
  • Smooths sharp edges
  • Compatible with existing machinery
  • Sands all types of coating incl. U.V.
  • Optimizes the performance of sanding machines
  • Excellent for polishing oil and wax
  • Improves the surface finish
  • Can be custom made

Perfection Brush Sanding Machines

The production of Perfection brush sanding machines are assigned to

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Alpha Brush

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