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Uniflex System

Finishing of traditional and moulded workpieces

The choice for traditionel and complex workpieces

The Uniflex sanding brushes are constructed from slashed, flexible cloth, supported by natural sisal fibres moulded into a light weight plastic core.

Uniflex brushes are designed to sand profiles without significant loss of definition.

Reduce coating consumption by pre-sanding

Pre-sanding with Uniflex brushes prior to application of base coat, stain, oil or wax will remove fibers and slightly soften any sharp edges.

The improved surface finish will reduce coating consumption.

Uniflex is designed for finishing and de-nibbing of traditional, or complex moulded workpieces. It is excellent for MDF, HDF, veneer. Also good for hard and soft wood.

Uniflex can be incorporated into existing machinery and will in most cases optimize the performance of the machine.


It is critical that finish sanding prior to use of Uniflex is 100% accurate. Uniflex will not remove planing marks, shaping errors, or excess filler.

Uniflex's system only reflects the existing finish.


Apex Machine Group, J.Co international & SlipCon USA Inc no longer have access to SlipCon Production ApS products. If you need products & support from SlipCon, please feel free to contact us at +45 8698 0633 or email: & we will point you in the right direction for products, service & support.

SlipCon Finishing Systems

  • Reduces coating consumption
  • Smooths sharp edges
  • Compatible with existing machinery
  • Sands all types of coating incl. U.V.
  • Optimizes the performance of sanding machines
  • Excellent for polishing oil and wax
  • Improves the surface finish
  • Can be custom made

Grit & Models

Uniflex brushes are available from 60 - 400 grit. They are available in coated cotton for polishing oil and wax. Also available with different diameters ranging from 155 mm to 450 mm. The center core can be smaller or larger to suit the application. These range from 70 to 270 mm.

Center core ranges between 20 - 100 mm with or without keyway, and 50 mm A/F Hex is available to suit QuickWood machines.

Standard widths range from 50 to 200 mm (single unit). For widths over 200 mm the click system is used. The width is made up from interlocking segments which avoid any possible stripping effects on the component.

Abrasive blades range from 3 to 25 mm and can be incorporated by altering pairs of different widths e.g. 7/20.

Brush sizes

Uniflex sanding brushes are manufactured in different types and sizes to meet your various applications.

Uniflex can be designed and manufactured to meet all your tool needs.

For information about different sizes, please contact us.


Keys to Improved Manufacturing Efficiency

For best results always use the largest possible diameter.

Keeping the brush at low revolutions prevents premature wear.

Recommended RPM: 50 - 75% of the maximum RPM.

Perfection Brush Sanding Machines

The production of Perfection brush sanding machines are assigned to

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Alpha Brush

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